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2006 Durango 5.7 Hemi rough idle/ETC problem
I have a somewhat common issue 06 Durango 5.7 hemi that has the following codes. It all started while driving and it died all of sudden with a flashing ETC light. It now will start but the rpm jump up and down from 700-1500rpm in any gear with little throttle response. The engine will not get over 1500 rpms driving but it seems the pedal is responding to pushing it but no response. I took it to the dealer and they were confused and said it appeared to be a PCM issue and wanted 2k to fix it. I have replaced the PCM computer from a mopar programmer with vin/mileage and a used throttle body with the same response thinking it was the TPS that was attached to it. I am at a loss and don't want to replace the pedal positioning sensor that's 200$ before dropping another 200$ at another dealer to troubleshoot.
Please help the codes are as follows.
P0520 Oil pressure switch (replaced in July 2017 but the oil pressure light is back on now)
P0335 Crankshaft position sensor (Replaced last month but the code is back on again)
PP2111 Throttle actuator control system (Replaced throttle body same code)
P0642 sensor reference voltage A
P2122 throttle pedal position sensor/switch D

In a similar thread a Dodge mech said to replace the oil pressure switch again since they are on the same harness and can short each other out. does this sound possible and can either of these sensors cause the rough idle and lack of throttle response?

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Re: 2006 Durango 5.7 Hemi rough idle/ETC problem
you know if the oil pressure switch is shorted and is drawing down other circuits you don't have to replace it to see if that's the problem. You just have to unplug it. Then the oil pressure light will be on but none of the other circuits should be affected. If that's what happens, then replace the switch. If the OP switch is unplugged but you still have the other things acting abnormal then look for a problem somewhere else. At least it didn't cost you anything to test it instead or replace it

yes the OP switch, the gas pedal sensor, the crank position sensor and the throttle body share the same 5V supply pink and yellow wire. If you measure the 5 volts that should be on that wire and it's not 5 volts (like 0 volts or way less than 5) unplug each unit until the 5 volts pop up. If all the units are unplugged and your 5 volts is still not there then you need to look for a short in the wiring or a bad computer not putting out 5 volts. You can check that by cutting the pink and yellow wire to PCM pin #29 connector 2 and then see if you have 5 volts coming from the pcm on the wire from pin 29. check for ground on the harness side. If it's grounded with everything unplugged you have a short in the wiring somewhere. You can either find it (there are tools that will help you find shorts) or rewire and bypass the existing wiring.

If you do have to cut the wire, make sure you cut somewhere you can resplice it when you fix the problem.
Re: 2006 Durango 5.7 Hemi rough idle/ETC problem
I will try that where do I check the volts to see if its 0 or way less than 5? Do you think the battery could be the issue there is a crack in it but it never had any issues before?
Re: 2006 Durango 5.7 Hemi rough idle/ETC problem
you can check for the voltage anywhere on the pink and yellow wire. so, look for the easiest placement to get to. Maybe the throttle body, or the oil pressure switch. what ever is the most accessible to you. Use a wire back probe at a connector or if you have a scanner available you can see if you have voltage signals through any of the related items. The pedal position would be an easy voltage to watch on the scanner.
Re: 2006 Durango 5.7 Hemi rough idle/ETC problem
PLEASE "GUEST" LET US KNOW IF THE ADVISE CARRIEDI WORKED? I'm am having the same problem, except we have 2006 dodge ram 1500 hemi 5.7 and the truck will ONLY drive 10mph you don't even have to push the pedal. 10mpr! 2months into owning it ,1 previous owner only 1 issue , we were told a bolt was messed up in a manifold,(unsure on the exacts, but it drove great) HIT A SPEED BUMP, WITH AFULL LOAD IN THE BACK, NEXT DAY TRUCK DIDNT WANT TO TURN OVER, you can hear the fuel pump trying to work, it did, it either idled to high or to low sorry I wasn't driving , drove it anyway AT 10MPR, had the throttle body changed (did not know cleaning it was an option at the time) extensive research, my knowledge of trucks is zero . MR OR MRS CARRIEDI: WILL THIS WORK ON A DODGE RAM 1500 HEMI 5.7 QUAD CAB TOO???? my other half is out of the country and its up to find what appears to be a simple solution. the truck has been sitting for 3months. the code reader said a battery voltage.. and the throttle body... ISSUE. prior to changing out the throttle body. no codes showed up . both readings from pep boys. please excuse my ignorance in this, but is exactly what this is. lack of knowledge. please EARS ARE OPEN thank you and GOD BLESS 1/11/18
Re: 2006 Durango 5.7 Hemi rough idle/ETC problem
Thank you so much that was the issue. It was hard to believe that a shorted oil pressure switch would cause so much ETC issues but sure enough the new one I bought went bad. Thanks again
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