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I have a 2014 Grand Caravan. 2 months ago the radio started cutting in and out. After awhile it stopped working all together. 
the clock still shows the time
CDs still work and has sound
AUX still works and has sound
radio display still works and I can change stations BUT NO SOUND (both FM and AM)
I pulled the radio out and there are 2 connections. One a cluster of wires and one a single 90 degree bent wire (Antenna I assume).
I took the clips off and disconnected the wire to check if it was dirty but it looked clean. If I wiggled it and held it in a particular way I would hear the radio playing but as soon as I let it go it would stop. I then tried to bend the little teeth inside the wire that came from the dash to see if it was just loose but again it wouldn't work without holding it, or pushing it to the side. 
Is there any easy fix to this?  

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sorry, it sounds like you have a bad connection at your radio plug-in. It could be the connector but it could also be the circuit board where the prongs from the radio are soldered to have a bad connection. (inside the radio)

most repaid shops don't go into the radio. They will suggest that you try a new radio

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My 2010 caravan has done the sane thing for the last year or so. I found it seems to work when the weather ya cold (40f and below). But it will start to cut out when the cabin warms up. No solution yet

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