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I need help! My car broke down somewhere it can easily get towed. I started it and everything was okay until I drove down the block. I lost my ability to accelerate and by the time I hit the next block I lost my power steering. It shut off so I turned it back on, it just shut off a few seconds later. I tried jumping the battery and it didn't do anything. I have never worked on a car let alone my own, I don't want to make it worse. Can someone help me please? ~Jenks

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a little information would help. year, make, model, engine size, transmission type. when you thought you lost the ability to accelerate, is it because the engine had already died and you didn't notice it yet? or did it start to accelerate but loat power then died? If your power steering is run by s drive belt, yes you will lose your power steering if the engine stalls. When the engine stalls usually the key on engine off lights will light up. Did you notice when these light came on, on your dash?

For a car that cranks over (engine turns over with the key in the start position) and doesn't start (continue to run) you need to check for spark, fuel pressure and injector pulse. If any one of these three thing is not present on cranking the engine will not start. They could all be there and the engine still not start if engine valve timing has moved as in a jumped of damaged timing belt. But it is all things you will have to check for. On the side of the road is not a good place to check for this. you should have your car towed somewhere safe and check it out

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