2001 Ram van 3500 regular fuel

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Re: 2001 Ram van 3500 regular fuel

Unread post by jamie » Tue Sep 03, 2013 2:00 am

Ok so ive checked the ring and that was all solid with no shaking or not loose. After taking the crank shaft sensor out i carefully took a thin piece of wood with a long strip of durable 120 grit sand stripping and cranked it over and over to clean the wheel down there... it was rusty. now its a nice shiny metal...figured ok this was definately a problem....it didnt change a thing tho....unfortuneatly . we also checked the timing with the scanner as you said...everything was ok...this doesnt make sense..Every sensor has been replaced and much more. Why is this thing backfiring like crazy? The backfires happen mostly when slowly slowly slowly letting off the gas pedal. If im giving it and I just take my foot right off the gas instantly theres no backfire. Only when slowly releasing off it. And the similar affect when giving gas...if i go super slow it chugs shakes and backfires but if i give it then it goes fine. STRANGE! The exaust cat has been hollowed. the backfires have blown a big hole out of the side of the muffler. And that other problem still exists of sometimes when starting it it starts in a weird mode were its non responsive to giving it gas. I have to shut it off and keep restarting it until the right mode is in affect and can go...sometimes its like 8-10 starts to get it....I can tell when it starts just by the noise of the motor. When starting it and it starts in non responsive mode it sounds like a diesal running. And you can hear the idle air control sensor just sucking constant. The thing was tested and is ok. Something is causing it to stay open and suck air.

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Re: 2001 Ram van 3500 regular fuel

Unread post by carriedi » Tue Sep 03, 2013 10:03 am

you might want to have the scanner hooked up and try making or letting the car act up so you can see what the computer sees when the car is actually acting up. Moving the throttle slowly and having the vehicle act up may be the TPS signal dropping out. Haviing the Cat hollowed out doesn't help you because now any excess fuel isn't burned up in the cat but is allowed to build up in the exhaust and hot exhaust may ignite unburned fuel in the exhaust. Best bet to find your problem is to graph the inputs and outputs when your vehicle is acting up. Timing chain may be a factor too.
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