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Low beam light isnt working
I don't know what to do, I have a 1999 Honda Accord and the low beam light isn't working. all the fuses are good, I changed the wiring harness. I even used the Light that lets you know if theres current going through it. And with that I found out the left prong didn't have any current running through it. My problem is I don't know the negative wires are to check if those are good and I don't know how to check the wire to see how far done it isn't working. Do I need to change the whole harness or what do I do. I cant afford to take it to a professional and non of the youtube videos talk about exactly what I need help with.
Please HELP
Re: Low beam light isnt working
one low beam isn't working or both low lights aren't working?

there is a fuse for each low beam and there is a relay for each low beam.

power at the headlight low beam is on the red/yellow wire for the left and red/green for the right. the other wire should be black and both black wires ground different sides of the engine compartment.

you say the left prong didn't have any current on it. what did the other prong have? when the low beams are supposed to be on one prong will be hot (battery +) and the other wire will be ground (battery -) If you have a test light just make the test light clamp to one side and the point of the test light to the other side. the test light will take the place of the light bulb. If the test light lights up you have a bad bulb. If the test light doesn't light up you don't have power or you don't have ground.

Incandescent test light (one with a filament light bulb): the test light will check for power when it is clamped to ground. But the test light will check for ground when it is clamped to power.
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