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1997 honda civic hx coupe
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Author:  davidkien68 [ Mon Jan 26, 2015 10:51 pm ]
1997 honda civic hx coupe

Im debating buying thismcar for my 17 year old daughter. The car looks to be in good shape. I plan on doing a timing belt and water pump just for peace of mind. It has 233000 on it and has the 1.6 vteck, CVT transmission. Everything works but I know nothing about those transmissions. Any thoughts or opinions? The car is from the original owner. Ive seen alot more mileage than that but since my daughter will be driving it I was curious about any pitfalls to watch out for. Thanks, Pil

Author:  carriedi [ Wed Jan 28, 2015 3:04 am ]
Re: 1997 honda civic hx coupe

can't really give you info on a used car purchase on a car I haven't looked at. Honda has a great reputation. 233K is okay if you know the maintenance has been kept up. CVT trans takes it's own special fluid so don't add regular trans fluid.

have a used car inspection done on the car to help you know what you are buying. or what extra money you will need to spend on repairs.

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