Looking for advice on buying a car.

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Looking for advice on buying a car.

Unread post by ThomasSwafford » Mon Nov 24, 2014 4:37 am

Hi everyone, I'm looking for buying a new car this year and I found many options too. I got a lot of suggestions from my family and friends. Hence, I am terribly confused now, which one to choose! Some of my friends told me that you better look for Honda, since they are having less maintenance cost when compared to others. I searched online for this and found the same opinion in one blog. Anyhow, at present I think it's better to stick with Honda.

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Re: Looking for advice on buying a car.

Unread post by carriedi » Wed Nov 26, 2014 4:43 am

Honda and Toyota have remarkable histories. That being said, new cars of most makes are very sophisticated. Much better than even a few years ago. Today almost any new car will probably give you a good value for the money.

Used cars is a little bit different. Everyone will have their own opinion on what used cars they like. Honda and Toyota have had very good reports from "Consumer Reports" Some models are better than others. But, because of their reputation they draw a higher price. But with any car... what did the previous owner do with it? I had a customer that bought a Toyota Corolla with low miles for it's age. He brought in in with just under 90K miles with his oil light on. Upon examination it appeared that the previous owner never changed the oil. Or at least not often enough. The oil pick up screen was clogged with debris. the top of the was coated with sludge about 3/4 inch thick. We cleaned as much as we could but the life of this engine was seriously compromised.

Having a reputable shop do a used vehicle inspection before you buy is a good way to go.
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