1996 Accord 4-cly auto transmission mystery problem - help

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1996 Accord 4-cly auto transmission mystery problem - help

Unread post by FriendshipUSA » Wed Aug 27, 2014 7:05 pm

1996 Accord v-tec 4-cly automatic transmission mystery problem:

I swapped out the car's V-tech 4-cly engine. I then added Honda transmission fluid to replace what was lost during the engine swap but unfortunately added one too many quarts. I then test drove the car. Everything worked great! The next day I attempted to drive it to work. I was 30-miles away and driving at 70 MPH and then slowed down to a stop for a light. The automatic transmission stop working! It was like the trans shifted into neutral. I moved the car very slowly into a gas station one block away by racing the engine. The car sat about 4-hrs before I was able to return with my pick-up and a car tow dolly. I started the car and discovered the transmission was working again. I drove the car onto the tow dolly and towed it home. When it was at home the transmission seem to be OK.

Can someone help tell me what may have happen and a fix? The transmission worked great before and immediately after the engine was replaced. It worked great during the 30-mile drive into work, then, something happened. It stop working. Then it started to work again after it sat 4-hrs and after I arrived home.

The preventative maintenance work I was doing included draining and replacing 3-quarts of Honda transmission fluid during each oil/filter change.