94 accord having fuel pump/idle problems

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94 accord having fuel pump/idle problems

Unread post by johnpurtee » Sat Oct 19, 2013 2:10 pm

okay so, my 94 honda accord has a few issues but im fairly certain its all the same problem. ok first problem: sometimes my fuel pump will not kick on, im not sure if this is important but ive noticed it dose this mostly when its cooler outside. to get the pump to kick on i disconnect the battery and reconnect it. that generally solves the problem. the fuel pump will come on and then i can start the car.
second problem; this is a recent problem, my car will not idle properly, it will idle low, then shut off, while im parked. and when i take my foot off the gas while driving, it acts like it wants to shut off. im thinking its not getting enough fuel.

okay here is a little history and information about the car specifically. i purchased this car about 8 months ago, and all the problems i have mentioned, i had when i got the car. then when it seemed to get warmer the problems stopped. or happened less frequently. when i purchased the car about 8 months ago i changed the fuel filter, and just before i purchased it the original owner (an old co-worker of mine) he informed me, he had just changed the master fuel relay. which for this model and year is a big problem. also note, the battery in the car is not the battery that is supposed to be in the car. the one thats in it is a deep cycle boat battery. the battery is a size 24ms-6. (625 amps.) i mentioned it dose not like to start it cooler weather, so you can understand what i actually mean by cooler ill explain. i live in south Texas and it rarely drops below 32 degrees here. i am having these problems right now and its currently 68 degrees. so not that cold. i think thats about it. any ideas??

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Re: 94 accord having fuel pump/idle problems

Unread post by carriedi » Sat Oct 19, 2013 9:05 pm

I need very basic information, because I'm a little slow, to look for a problem. When you say it has a hard time starting and you talk about having the wrong battery, you are not having a cranking or an engine turning over problem right? When you go to start the car it cranks over normally every time you turn the key to the start position. So the battery is doing it's job and the engine is cranking normally but it won't start up. So then we are looking at why it won't fire up and run, right?

OK, if that is the case, you want to look at the fuel pump to see if it is coming on? Power to the fuel pump in the tank is through a black and yellow wire. The wire comes from the PGM FI relay. The relay you said was replaced before. (it is a very common problem with this era Honda). You should use a volt meter and see if, when you are cranking the engine over, you have battery voltage going to the pump. If you do not, you may have to replace this relay again. If you do have power you will need to check at the fuel pump that you have a good signal at the power and ground at the fuel tank connector. That should tell you if you have a problem with the fuel pump or the wiring circuit.

As for the dying I wouldn't think it would be related just offhand. I would be looking at the IAC, idle control valve, for the stalling at idle. If it was a fuel problem I would think that would show up more when you need more fuel (driving) not when you hardly need any (idling).

As far as the battery goes, a car battery is made to start (use a great amount of amps) the recharge and use very little to keep the car running. It should always be pretty well charged up. Deep cycle batteries are made to give out a lower amount of amps for a longer period of time and are made to be run almost all the way down and then be charged back up over time. An automobile battery should have much more cold cranking amps and a deep cycle battery should have much more reserve capacity. A deep cycle battery will work in a car battery scenario for a while but it will usually not be able to keep up with the large starter draw after a time. But it will keep your headlights going a lot longer.
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