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87 toyota camry can't figure out what is wrong
hello i have a toyota camry 2.oL standard....
was in flight car died temp gauge peg hot ck engine light didnt come on anymore.
still has compression cycle key3 time starts then dies,a few seconds later, tried to recrank w\o cycle and it will not start. i already checked all fuses and relays. please help????car ran great all last yr no problems.any ideas please hlp
Re: 87 toyota camry can't figure out what is wrong
the three key cycles and then it starts for a little while sounds like it could be a fuel pressure problem. each time you cycle the key without starting up allows the fuel pressure to build up. As soon as it starts up it runs the fuel pressure down to where it can't stay running.

It could be a bad coil. Actually, it could be a lot of things but I would check the basics first. Fuel pressure, Injector pulse and spark. You said it still has compression, did you measure it? Timing belt can cause a no start but since it ran when you cycled the key 3 times I would look at fuel pressure first.

Overheat on any car can cause serious problems down the road. Once an engine gets overheated there is a chance that the head gasket may be damaged. It may take months to show up so that it's noticeable but the damage was way back when it first overheated.
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