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2003 toyota matrix won't start
I have an '03 Toyota matrix xrs that starts fine. After a trip, sometimes it won't start. It cranks but it seems like it's not getting any gas. Took it to a mechanic but he couldn't duplicate the problem, it's intermittent. Recently replaced thermostat, coolant, & battery. Suggestions?
Re: 2003 toyota matrix won't start
you need to check the car out when it is acting up. Unless the vehicle stores a code, the only way to find the problem is to have it happen and test to see what the car is missing at the time. Fuel, spark, injector pulse... Some times an evap valve stuck open can cause a no start or long crank. But don't replace parts by just guessing. It gets expensive and you will probably replace a lot of parts you won't need. Wish I could be more help but if the car runs normally everything will probably show up as normal.
Re: 2003 toyota matrix won't start
I was thinking of buying an OBD2 car scanner to keep with me and hook it up as soon as the problem occurred. I was just wondering if someone had a recommendation as to which one is best for the price and features.
Re: 2003 toyota matrix won't start
there are many scanners out there and they vary greatly as do the prices. Here is a site that can give you some information on various scanners

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