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since no mazda section i posted here, 2006 mazda mpv, been getting p0442 and p0455, small evap leak and large evap leak detected, a couple misfire dtc's that i could not reproduce after clearing, at first there was a minor stutter, got worst within weeks. after a while it was starting to stall out. in neutral it will sputter up to 2g then rev smooth above that. when in drive it will barely move when i get it moving, white smoke from tailpipe sometimes. no exhaust, coolant, or hg leak. front three coils seem fine. iac valve working. cant find/hear/ see a vacuum leak in engine compartment. if i start driving by very little throttle i can get it going fast, soon as i come to a stop or rpms drop it will sputter out/die. if its the coils wouldnt i get a misfire code?

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anyone have any ideas why this engine is acting this way?
anyone with similar probs?
fuel cap/ tank pressure sensor/ canister/ purge valve/ pcv routing problems?
could it be just a sensor issue? stuck valve?
i posted in the Ford section since they seem to have a lot of manufacture specific dtc's in common, why no Mazda section though?
any help, insight or even brainstorming ideas are appreciated.
thanks guys,

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The EVAP codes would not cause the running problems you are having. You could just have a bad gas cap or stuck EVAP vent valve for those codes.

Yes, if a coil(s) were bad you should get a steady misfire code. But i have seen on other cars were an entire bank is dead, so its running on half the cylinders, will not give any misfire codes. I think because it is running so bad that the computer cannot determine which ones(s) are misfiring.

With it have absolutely no power, it almost does sound like it is misfiring on one bank. Acceleration causes a heavy load on ignition and that is usually were the problem is. Slow accel may not be enough to get a coil to break down. Maybe the slight stutter and misfire codes were the beginning of one or more coils going bad. I would check all the coils. If you can get it to idle ok, try spraying water on all of them. A lot of times this will cause a coil to fail.

Be sure to check the Similar questions down this page for more help.

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I have2006 mpv have had po442 code for years, no problems. I now have sputtering dealer replaced tps no help. I tryed my spair key and running better, not perfect. I think maybe ignition switch problem.

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