Bizarre '03 Matrix XRS m/t - starts/stalls

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Bizarre '03 Matrix XRS m/t - starts/stalls

Unread post by Rdaddy714 » Tue Apr 13, 2021 8:15 pm

So I stopped at the gas station to use the restroom. Was inside for maybe 2-3 min. When i came out and tried to start the car, it starts then runs VERY rough! then it stalls after 20 sec. It feels like the timing is off or like its running on 1 cylinder. I had the car towed home. Now it cranks and stalls immediately! Only CEL code is misfire in cylinder 3, which is from the previous night when i hit "LIFT" the previous night(check engine light flashed while i was in lift only). Car was running fine when i pulled up to the gas station.

Car has a new head gasket, timing cover gasket, valve cover gasket, intake manifold gasket, lift solenoid gasket, lift bolts, injector seals, genuine toyota coil packs, fuel pump, all with less than 3000 miles on them. I checked the spark plugs and compression, all normal. Same with fuses and fuel pump relays. However, the fuel pump relay is not getting energized for some reason. But even after removing and using a jumper on terminals 3/4, forcing the fuel pump on, the car is no different. Also, the reason it has new coils, is because about 500 miles ago... the car had similar issue and dealer recommended to replace them and the injector seals/intake manifold gasket, which fixed the problem. Cost me $1100 for something i could have done myself.


I tried to swap the MAF and spray starting fluid into the throttle body, but that did nothing. I did notice the intake manifold had what appeared to be a fairly large puddle of oil inside...?

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Re: Bizarre '03 Matrix XRS m/t - starts/stalls

Unread post by carriedi » Wed Apr 14, 2021 4:18 am

How long ago was your work done? is there any warranty that might cover your problems?

What is "LIFT"? You said you hit "LIFT". the code you got was P0300? misfire cylinder #3?

How did you see the "puddle of oil" in the intake? Are you sure it's oil? Is it possible it is gas that has mixed with some oil in the intake? see if you can get something to pick up some of that oil and see if it smells like gas. If it smells like gas your engine could be flooded. If it is flooded adding fuel won't help anything. Turn the key to crank the engine with the gas pedal pushed all the way down should turn off the fuel to the engine and see if you can clear the gas in the motor. It may take a couple of tries to see if that makes any difference.

You said you checked compression, what did you get?

Unplug one of the injectors. With the key in the run position use a test light and check for battery power in the two connector terminals in the harness connector. Once you see which side has power (should be the black/white wire that is on all the injectors) you need to check the other terminal for ground while the engine is cranking. the computer grounds the injectors to shoot fuel. See if you have the power and switching ground at the injector to make the car run.

Do you know how to check for spark? You need to check for spark, fuel pressure, compression and injector pulse for an engine to run. Don't sweat the other stuff like MAF and stuff until you can see all the basics working right first. Once you know you have fuel pressure, injector pulse, compression and spark then we can go from there.

A scanner would be great to scan for codes and if it has graphing abilities then you can look at the crank sensor and other thing from there.

let me know what you find out

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