F150 battery makes a sizzle sound

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F150 battery makes a sizzle sound

Unread post by MariaScott » Sun Sep 02, 2018 1:40 pm

I have a Ford f150 4/4 xl 4.9 it won't start new battery new solonid new starter my problem is when I put the negative cable on the battery the positive wire makes a sizzling sound can you help

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Re: F150 battery makes a sizzle sound

Unread post by carriedi » Sun Sep 02, 2018 7:57 pm

what year is your truck?

a sizzling sound is usually an arcing situation somewhere. It could be dangerous around a battery. I don't know if you have a bad connection at the battery post or it could be inside the cable or you could have a bad battery but you should not connect the ground cable until you find out. Make sure you have the starter solenoid hooked up correctly.

It sounds like you replaced all the electrical parts in the starter side of the starting system. Now you need to see how the volt/amperage is moving through. Make sure the battery terminal and the battery cable connection are both clean and tight. You might want to try a new positive cable if cleaning the connections doesn't stop the sizzling sound. If the sizzling sound continues with a new cable get a new battery. do not drive or let it continue to run if the sizzling sound is there. Battery charging produces gasses that could be combustible and the sizzle sound could be voltage arcing. Together they could cause a fire or an explosion at the battery.

You could disconnect the positive battery cable from the starter relay solenoid, have it connected to the battery (after you clean the battery connection) and remove all the other battery connections that hook up to the same terminal on the solenoid. The put the battery cable on the relay first. then start putting on the other cables on and see if one of those wires starts to make the positive cable start to sizzle. If one does find out where that wire goes to. If you put all the wires back on and there is no sizzle go ahead and finish up connecting the relay and if there is no sizzle, see if the engine starts up. Don't be close to the battery when you go to start it up. (just in case)

let me know how it goes...
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