Fuel pump

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Fuel pump

Unread post by TAZZ1981 » Tue Dec 05, 2017 5:21 am

I have a Ford Ranger 94 when you go to start it it turns over and all but to get it running I pump the heck out of the gas pedal then it will start then dies then I finally got it going I was about 45mph sputtered so I pump the gas pedal then it dies when I'm driving it's not electronic failure seems to be not getting the gas it needs what is causing this problem

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Re: Fuel pump

Unread post by carriedi » Thu Dec 07, 2017 12:09 am

what engine does your Ranger have? 2.3, 3.0, 4.0?

on start up with fuel injection, pumping the pedal doesn't do anything. Holding the pedal to the floor will shut off the fuel injectors. Holding the gas pedal open a little bit will give it a little more air and the computer will give you a little more fuel to compensate when the computer is working normally.

it sounds like you may have a working fuel pump but your fuel pressure is low. Pump not working good enough. If you are having a hard time starting, cycle the key on two or three times. This will turn the fuel pump on two or three times and build up fuel pressure. then it will be more likely to start.

If you use more gas than your fuel pump can put out the engine will stall. Pumping the pedal or just putting the pedal down more will just make it worse if you are running out of fuel. Letting off the gas pedal will make you go slower but it will allow the fuel pressure catch up so you can go some more.

Your engine has a port an the fuel rail to measure the rail pressure. you should find someone that can measure the pressure and see if that is your problem.

3.0L key on engine off 35-45psi
2.3L HSC MFI running 45-60psi, KOEO 50-60psi
4.0L comes under all others, running 35-45psi, KOEO 35-45psi
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