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1992 6 cyl ranger stalls when I slow down to stop. I replaced fuel pump and filter. Which sensors control gas to fuel injectors?

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the things that control the injectors are the pcm, the O2 sensor, the MAF, the TPS sensor, eec relay but what makes you think there is something with the fuel injectors that's causing the stalling?

I would look at something less technical like IAC or throttle body coking, unless you have a good scanner that can watch the data stream and see what the computer is responding to. A slow IAC or a coked up throttle body can kill the idle when coming to a stop because the idle dies before the PCM has time to respond. That will not cause a code in most cases. MAF sensors are not uncommon for this type of problem.

more information would also help. are there any other problems or engine codes? It runs fine and starts fine all the time, just dies when you come to a stop?

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