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93 ranger 4.o
My truck is not getting up to speed properly and has white smoke coming out of tail pipe and valve covers if open oil dipstick or oil cap. The catalytic converter has been already been replace last week. Any ideas of my problem.
Re: 93 ranger 4.o
excessive white smoke is a sign of coolant entering the combustion chamber. (white smoke is steam) are you loosing coolant?
Re: 93 ranger 4.o
I was until I changed the lower radiator hose. I think I burned up a couple rings or valves. Had firing order wrong and drove for about 30 miles so I think I am going to have to rebuild. Cause now I can get it to start and seems to run correctly until I put it in gear. Now it doesn't get over 10 mph.
Re: 93 ranger 4.o
make sure you haven't plugged up the exhaust. a back pressure test would let you know if that system is still good to go. A fuel pressure test would be nice too. just to be sure that's ok
Re: 93 ranger 4.o
Exhaust and fuel are good. I am just going to try and find a used motor or try and rebuild
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