2004 Ford Expedition oil leak at radiator

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2004 Ford Expedition oil leak at radiator

Unread post by Droptine61 » Fri Dec 30, 2016 3:37 pm

With my 2004 Expedition,(5.3-auto), I am having difficulty with an oil leak from the hoses/connectors to the oil cooler at radiator.
The snap plastic connectors which attach the metal oil lines to the oil cooler leak just enough to coat the underwood with mist attracting dirt/grime as well as causing a slow drip while engine is running.
I have searched for the replacement plastic push in fittings where line inserts into oil cooler.
At this point I m ready to purchase both steel oil lines which I believe have the proper plastic connector fittings with - I think o rings necessary.
Long winded question- can anyone recommend parts vendor who can provide oil lines with appropriate connector fittings for both lines?
In the past I have had poor luck with vendors requiring use of old connectors as well as a reputable mechanic whose "fix" lasted less than 5k miles.
I do almost all work on this vehicle in house and need to identify a good vendor who is knowledgeable and stand by parts-any help advice from someone who had been down this road before is greatly appreciated
Again thanks for any comments/advice

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Re: 2004 Ford Expedition oil leak at radiator

Unread post by carriedi » Sat Dec 31, 2016 10:11 pm

have you checked with a tranny shop or a radiator shop? Most of the times it's the o-rings that will get old and leak. Depending on the type of line connector your particular line has you might be able to remove the line replace the o-rings and replace the line and stop the leak. Some after market manufacturers make replacement fittings for the radiator. I know Dorman makes some

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