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Installed a new alternator, battery is GOOD. Dying when driving. After installing new alternator, and charging battery twice for 2+ hours each time; start engine, but when remove the negative (or positive) battery cable engine dies. 4.6

NOT sure what's causing the issue and HATE to take it to the Dealership.
Thanks in advance for any troubleshooting tips or remedies with the same problem.

JUST started and died twice while driving. (2) jump starts started the engine, but soon died - after about 3 minutes of idling.

NO engine codes
Thanks again,


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first thing is never take the battery cables off with the engine running. the regulator looks for battery voltage to know how much to charge the battery. It can spike up and damage electrical components like computers.

Why did you change the alternator? and how do you know you have a good battery? Do you have a volt meter?

a good battery should have a voltage reading of around 12.6 volts. engine running, the alternator should charge around 14 volts, depending on battery needs (13.8 to 14.2 after the engine has run for a while after starting the engine)

Need more information. Do you believe that the alternator or battery have something to do with the engine dying? What makes you thing they are related? When the engine dies, are you able to restart it right away? Why did you jump the vehicle?

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