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Cranking and running problem
I have a 1990 Ford F150 4.9 2wd 5 speed Truck
I currently have to start the truck by the solenoid and when I get it cranked when the clutch is let out it shuts off
Re: Cranking and running problem
okay, help me with my confusion, what are you doing to start your truck? If you are starting it at the solenoid is there someone holding the clutch pedal down? Or is the engine starting with the clutch pedal up because you have bypassed the clutch switch by going to the starter solenoid?

starting and cranking are two separate things.

when you crank the engine over normally with the key, the clutch has to be pushed in to close the contacts in the clutch switch to allow power to get to the starter solenoid. If you are cranking the starter by jumping the solenoid, how are you doing that? and you supplying power to the little terminal (the "S" terminal) on the solenoid that is supposed to be from the ignition switch?
Re: Cranking and running problem
Every engine requires four basic ingredients to start: sufficient cranking speed, good compression, adequate ignition voltage (with correct timing) and fuel (a relatively rich air/fuel mixture initially). So if your car fails to start, you can assume it lacks one of these four essential ingredients. But which one?

To find you, you need to analyze the situation. If the engine won't crank, you are probably dealing with a starter or battery problem.
Re: Cranking and running problem
My 2004 Ford f 150 ran great 2 days ago now it will not turn over (5.4 triton) please help me
Re: Cranking and running problem
for a vehicle that does not turn over (the starter does not spin the engine) Check to see if you are getting a signal to the starter solenoid
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