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2002 F150, crew, 5.4
Earlier this year I had my trucks transmission lines replaced (rusted through). Fast forward to now, I was driving to class when my truck barley could move, I manged to roll into a spot. Before I ran to lab, I could see it was gushing a red fluid. When I came back I got under neath it and saw that a hose had slid off a metal male end on what I think is the trans cooler. I took off the front brush guard, reattached the hose, tightened the two hose clamps. When I went to go add more transmission fluid after about 3 quarts its began leaking out somewhere, running down by the starter. I can not see the leak directly. I tried slowly pouring it in, and you can just watch it drip down. The dip stick says it low, I made sure. Is there any way the trans is full of air and can't take fluid, since the air has no where to go?
If anyone has ideas I am all ears, I don't feel like paying for a tow truck due to someone not tightening a hose clamp.
Thank you!!

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yes, you have to pour very slowly. the fluid has to go down the skinny dipstick tube to get into the trans. it's like filling your coke glass through the straw. if you fill too fast it will just back up in the tube and come back out. also, the engine should be running so the fluid will circulate as you fill the trans.

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