Ford F-150 egr problems

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Ford F-150 egr problems

Unread post by earnie » Wed Feb 11, 2015 4:48 pm

2002 F150 4.6 egr sys. problem I have checked ohm readings on all voltage points and they are all in operating range voltage checks are a problem signel volts should be no higher than 4.9 I actuly have same as source voltage now I suspect a short in wireing harness.


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Re: Ford F-150 egr problems

Unread post by carriedi » Thu Feb 12, 2015 12:04 am

lets start from the beginning. why are you checking your egr system?

if you have had it scanned and got a code, what was the code or codes you had?

If you have a vacuum operated egr valve, connect the egr valve to a vacuum pump (or manifold vacuum) and apply vacuum to the egr valve. When the egr valve opens it should make the engine run very rough. Sometime it will be so bad the engine will die. That's a good egr valve. If the engine does not run really rough of if it doesn't make much difference than the normal idle, you have a bad egr valve or the egr ports are plugged up.

If you have a scanner that you can hook up and look at the data stream, look at the readings for the PFE or DPFE. then do the test of the egr valve. the PFE or Dpfe readings should change a lot as the egr valve opens. A lot of times the dpfe sensor will plug up and not see when the egr valve opens.

I don't understand when you say "checked ohm readings on all voltage points and they are all in operating range" I would need to know what you are measuring and what you are expecting to see so I can follow your diagnosing.
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