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My 99 f250 superdutey v10 cranks but wont start then you let it sit for a few hours and it starts and will start every time for a few days then do it again

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without a scanner you are limited in what you can diagnose. When it is not starting you can check for spark, for injector pulse and for fuel pressure. Fuel pressure on this truck should be 35-45 psi key on engine off (KOEO)

If you can get your hands on a scanner you can check much more. If you can hook up a scanner to the truck you can check for communication to the powertrain control module (PCM) If you have a no communication problem you should verify your grounds to the PCM or possibly a bad PCM.

If you do get communication with the PCM see if it reads an rpm signal while you are cranking. See if there are any codes stored in memory like crank sensor signal.

do you have a "theft" light that comes on when you first put the key into the run position? It should blink about three times and then stay off. If it blinks continually or stays on solid, you should look at your anti-theft system

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