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i have a ford f 150 1997 with four wheel drive . 2 years ago i had a problem passing the emissions test and ended up getting a egr valve replaced and it passed last year i did not drive 5000 miles so i did not need an emmisions test . so this year i have driven my truck over 15000 miles and will need the test . i have a friend that hooked up the computer to the truck and said there is no light and no codes. he told me i need to drive some more to complete the cycle.. well for 2 years i never had a ck engine light on? and i have driven for at least 500 miles ? dont want to pay the emissions test if i know it will fail ? what should i do?

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states vary in what they require to pass emissions testing. But the ones that look at the OBDII will look for any codes and will look for the readiness monitors. If you have monitors that have not run some states will not let the vehicle pass. You will need a temp. license so you can drive the vehicle until the monitors have been run and passed. The monitors have certain conditions that they look for. Some require that the gas tank be between 1/4 and 3/4 full. Some require certain temperatures to run. You are at the mercy of the manufacturer as to how long it will take for all the monitors to finish.running their testing.

however that being said, if you passed your emission test a while back and you haven't changed anything or your battery has not gone dead you should still have all the monitors run from you last test a couple of years before. If you clear codes or if you battery goes dead then the monitors could have been reset and you will just have to drive the truck until they all run.

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