explorer rear end

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explorer rear end

Unread post by Vman » Sat Apr 20, 2013 5:09 pm

Im trying to pull the gears out of the rear differential on a 2001 explorer 4x4 when I took out the set screw for the pin on the spider gears I only got half of it. I know that somene tried this and broke it and put it back because there was very little RTV and no gasket. I have a bearing in there that needs replaced and I need this out to pull axels and drop the gear.

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Re: explorer rear end

Unread post by 805mustangmike » Sun Apr 21, 2013 12:06 pm

I'v had this problem many times......it's not uncommon! Most people will just start drilling it out...usually with a reverse drill bit to try and make it unscrew as they are drilling. Clearance is tight, use a long bit or an extension so u can get a straight shot at it. Before u try that I recommend a pick and magnet if u can see the other half and its not too deep try a pick to turn it, be patient it may take a long time. If u see that it moved....even a quarter turn stick with it. Then get a magnet that will fit in the hole; might need to grind on a telescoping magnet to get it to fit and see if that does anything for you. I'v had success with a pick and magnet before but more than likely you will need to drill it out and possible re tap the threads. If it broke off and it's not deep drill it! If u get it to move at all with any method you will eventually get it to back out. I'v even used u thin flat head or torques screwdriver with a lot of force to get it. Try different methods before drilling; drill as a last resort...it's not an ease job, can take hours. But like I said before I'v done it without drilling on a few occasions, can even try to grind the threads off the piece u have and use that to turn it either in or out, just to get it to move, the pieces will mate well and u might be able to break it free. Bottom line see if it turns at all before drilling, if it does stick with it if not drill it and drill straight!

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