P0430 code

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P0430 code

Unread post by Guest » Sun Jan 05, 2020 6:50 pm

My 2006 Ford Taurus keeps coming up with P0430 code. I've tried everything recommended including drive cycles. The car sounds and runs great even tho she's past the 200,000 mi count. I've added Guarantee to Pass, new gas cap, plug wires, used non-fouler tip amongst other things. Originally had misfire code and P0420 has popped up randomly and on the recent smog check. Basically it's the 0430 that's not completing. The other codes have pretty much cleared.

Anyone have any tips before I have to believe I need a new catalytic conv.

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Re: P0430 code

Unread post by carriedi » Wed Jan 08, 2020 3:03 am

your code is for the catalytic converter not burning off the hydrocarbons the get through the engine. your front O2 sensor moves back and forth all the time. The rear O2 sensor may start off that way cold but when it warms if should level out because the cat. burns off excess hydrocarbons. If you have a scanner you could watch the graph of the front and rear O2 sensors and see what they are doing. O2 sensors get old and sometimes slow down. But if your rear O2 sensor goes back and forth below .2 volt and then above .8 volt then the catalytic converter is not burning off the hydrocarbons. That pretty much says you need a new cat. If the O2 sensor slows way down and does not react to revving the engine up and down a few times then you may have a bad O2 sensor. Sensors do go bad but most of the time it's the cat is used up. The substrate could be plugged up or the metals are worn and no longer heating up enough to burn off the extra fuel in the exhaust. But that's pretty much it. rear O2 sensor or catalytic converter.

P0420 for bank one, P0430 for bank two, Look at both rear O2 sensors. If they are warmed up and still switching over and under 4.5 volt then hydrocarbons are getting through the cat. (bad cat)

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