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When the battery is connected and the key is off the car makes a ticking sound from under passenger side dash.. when they key is on and the car starts it goes away.. What do I do? I believe it drained the last battery and I put in a new one today.

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you need to find out what is clicking. something is powering up and turning off. a relay or some circuit is using power to make the click. You should feel around to find out what unit is clicking.

the right kick panel has the alarm relay that could be clicking.

sit on the passenger side of the car and verify that the noise is coming from the right side. you may have to take the panel under the dash off to see if you can locate the noise. May even have to remove the glove box. Without hearing the clicking I don't know if it is a relay click, a door actuator click, some sort of body control module or what?

Park the car with the front windows down. turn the key off and remove the key. close the doors like your all done with the car. How long does the clicking continue? Does it ever time out or does it keep going until the battery is dead? If it keeps going until the battery is dead you could try pulling fuses out of the under hood fuse box until you hear the clicking stop. then see what fuse made it stop. That would narrow it down and you could look at what that fuse powers up.

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