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A diagnostic scanner reported a bad speed sensor, so i replaced it with a new one. There was no improvement, and i was told the old codes needed to be deleted and allowed to reset. How is this done? No one seems to know and i havent been able to find any videos on youtube for it.

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with the introduction of OBD2, it will usually take a scanner to clear the codes from memory.

What was the code you had before? What kind of improvement are you expecting to get? what is the problem with your car?

You start off describing the last part of your diag tree but I have no idea what you are trying to do.

What happened from the beginning? Did your "check engine" light come on or did you start having a driveability problem? Why did you scan for codes. What was the actual code numbers you pulled?

The more information I have the more informative answer I can give...

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Simply unhook the ground cable off of The Ground Terminal on your battery for about 2 minutes and then the computer will be reset and codes will be cleared I have had to do this multiple times to get codes cleared after I have replaced parts( you will only have to do this one time each time you want to clear the old codes)

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