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Problem with fuel pump
I own a 2001 Ford Ranger with a 3.0 v6 engine and yesterday it had some trouble starting. It turns over and started putting a “Vroom....” sound. I don't recognize what happened. I opened out the bonnet and checked whether is there is any wire fused or not. But I didn't notice any mistake. So, today morning I took my car to a nearby car repair service centre and they found the issue was with the fuel pump. That's why the engine was not starting. Has anyone had any such similar experience?
Re: Problem with fuel pump
not sure what you mean. having a problem starting? the noise you describe is difficult to decipher. do you mean the starter let go? the engine started to start? unclear what it is you are describing

I have a question for you though, what issue did they find with your fuel pump? did they do a fuel pressure test? did your truck not meet the fuel pressure requirements for your vehicle? was your fuel pump getting the proper power and ground connections?
Re: Problem with fuel pump
Did you bring your car to a repair shop? Because they well test if the pressure gauge pump is not delivering the right amount of fuel to the engine, while someone else is reviving the car to a given speed.
Re: Problem with fuel pump
Hey I also recently suffered from same problem. I bought Maruti Swift car some days ago. It was running good but after some days when I was going in a party. On the way My car suddenly get stopped than I get it repaired from a local repair shop. But after some days same problem came in front of me then I searched for a good auto body shop. I asked many of my friends and when I was searching on the internet for some good service providers. I call them and serviceman came to my home and repaired my car> Now it is running good. I am happy with their services.
Re: Problem with fuel pump
Congrats, that you found a shop you can recommend to others. why would you look for a body shop if you have mechanical problem though? Just wondering...
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