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4.3 engine swap
Hey everyone! New to the sight and could really really really use some help. I have a 2005 GMC Sierra with a 4.3 Vortec that's blown. I have a donor vehicle which is a 1998 GMC Jimmy with same motor and transmission the Jimmy is four wheel drive my truck is 2 wheel drive what do I have to do to swap the motor from the Jimmy into my truck and use my transmission? Thanks for all the help!
Re: 4.3 engine swap
you should call a local wrecking yard for interchange information. while the engine might be able to bolt right up there may be other things that won't match up to the newer vehicle.
Re: 4.3 engine swap
Actually I've already changed motor motor fire is fine Transmissions not engaging fluids are full linkages hooked up properly you can hear rpMs change as you change the shifter it's just not engaging.
Re: 4.3 engine swap
but you are still using your original trans right. you just swapped the motor?

was the transmission working fine before?
Re: 4.3 engine swap
Yes transmission was working before and that's the one currently in the truck.
Re: 4.3 engine swap
then I would be looking for something that has changed since you changer the motor over. Make sure there is a good ground to the transmission. and the connectors are plugged in and there are no wires pinched any where.

make sure the fluid level is full for the trans. If everything looks good, use a scanner and check for trans codes and verify that the data stream is looking good and that there is voltage to the shift solenoids. There should be battery voltage to the pink wire to the trans from the IGN 0 fuse (10A) in the fuse panel in the lower left side of the dash
Re: 4.3 engine swap
Thanks for the info. Finally going to have the time tomorrow or today to get everything back together and get that scanner hooked up and see what's going on. Will keep you posted.
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