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Hi, You guys are always so unbelievable great in answering me. Thanks to all. I have a 1976 Ford RV TRUCK. I think it is a 450 or 460 as that is the matching size for parts I have matched in the past. The RV is 32' with a good motor.
There are two batteries above the motor, each has it's own relay. #1 main battery is on drivers side and seems to be o.k.
my question is where where is the alternator wire is the wire from the alternator to the #2 battery on the passenger side
connected? I may have a short in the main fat alternator wire. Is it hard to change and just see if that solves my problem.
Problem is various workers have put that wire in different places and each time the wire gets overheated. At this point if
you could direct with info on replacing that wire and telling where it should be put then I want to try that. Please include
information as to where I can find the wire underneath and then where I connect it to either the relay or the battery or?
If you know the number battery wire size then that would help. If you know RV's then can you tell me if I put the switch on the inside of the cabin on battery or converter. at present I have it hooked up at a rv camp and have removed the converter.
I always thought when not hooked up but engine running then it should be on battery and on converter when using the park hook up?
Look forward to hearing from you and have a blessed day.

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well, motorhome/rv's might be different depending on how they use the second battery. Do you know if your vehicle has a battery isolator? (wiring diagram) It may have no isolator and just wire the batteries in parallel. Then you would have the alternator lead to the battery attached to the battery side of the starter relay.

NOTE: the wire that goes to the battery connection is not a regulator wire. It is a fusible link. That means that the wire is your fuse for that circuit. It is meant to burn out is too much current is used on that circuit. If a regular wire is used it could overheat and possibly cause a fire.

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