pos chevy cheyenne 1993 4.3l v-6

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pos chevy cheyenne 1993 4.3l v-6

Unread post by bbcv6yarbrough » Sat Feb 21, 2015 1:39 am

i got a few quitions (sorry bout the spelling)
first of all my front right sway bar braket fell off along with the bushing i noticed this when i could not go over 35 mph with out my truck shaking i got a new bushing and braket put them on truck ran fine but then it started shaking agin so i looked at it an i noticed that the back bolt hole on the front right side had no thred i have tryed self tapping lags but it did not hold would it heart it in the long run to weld it if i know a master fabercatir and welder

seconed quistion when i noticed the sway bar braket i did not drive it for a littel bit but now i have to i just noticed nun of my exter lights are working with the excapion of my runing lights and blinkers but here is the catch when i have my runing lights and head lights on my blinkers dont work i can turn my head and running lights off and automaticly my blinkers work .. my running lights are the only lights that work on the out side

last one ever since i bought the truck my gas gauge as not worked how do i fix all of them problems please HELP

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Re: pos chevy cheyenne 1993 4.3l v-6

Unread post by carriedi » Sat Feb 21, 2015 5:03 am

the sway bar won't make your vehicle shake. Even if it's broken on one side. all the sway bar does is hold the truck down when you go into a turn. It may male a lot of noise when it rattles around over rough roads but no shake. Look for some other reason for the shake. Wheel balance? Out of round tire? Engine misfire? bad U-joint?

if the turn signals work until you turn on your running lights or headlights on I would look at the light bulbs. someone might have put a single element in a dual element socket. if not then you're going to need to look at your wiring and the turn signal switch. The brake and turn lights should be on a separate wiring systems but they might be using a common ground. so if there is a problem with the ground in one circuit the other circuit may become the ground.

fuel gauge is another circuit all together. you will need to trace the circuit and see if it's a wiring problem, a bad gauge or a bad sending unit.
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