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Have a terrific 2007 Denali XL. Stabilitrak and check engine light coming on occasionally and disappearing. Car has been overly serviced and taken care of entire life- 175,000 miles now. No performance issues at all currently. Took to dealer and was given following codes and information to sell car now, do not service and that will need a new motor very soon. Is this legitimate - common issue on these cars - do I need to get out of this and in what time frame? Shocked by the information provided this morning. Notes from dealer- DTC's P0523, P0011, P0989, C0900, C05661, Internal Cam, AMF and Piston Wear. Greatly appreciate any insight from forum members.

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as in all things there are many ways to look at things. both codes p0523 and p0011 could be caused by an oil pressure problem. P0989 is a trans pressure problem. codes c0900 and c0561 are problems with the abs.

the first thing you would want to look at with all those codes is C0900. that code is set if the system voltage goes over 16 volts. the ABS light will come on and the abs system will be shut down if the voltage goes over 19.5 volts

have you had voltage problems? since most of the sensors work on a 5 volt reference voltage coming from a 13.5 volt battery system over charging the system might change all the sensor values. But it won't change what voltage the computer looks for from the sensor. so you end up with bad info.

I don't know if this is the case or not. You do have a lot of miles on your truck. you could do a manual oil pressure check and verify that your oil pressure is low or not. (check the oil pressure when the engine is run hard and the temperature is very warmed up because the warmer the engine the lower the oil pressure) you could verify that you have a charging problem or not. (16 volts is overcharging)

have you given another vehicle a jump start with your truck recently?

just things to think about

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