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I have a 2000 gmc jimmy with a 4.3 l v6 when I start it it revs up to 3-4000 rpm after about 30 seconds it returns to idle but slowly climbs back up and wont come down. we just rebuilt engine and put new oil pan, distributor cap, fuel pressure regulator and I have checked for vacuum leaks as well as tested the tps, the maf, and the map all are good. it throws codes p0122 and p0123 both for tps circuit low voltage but tps is working the right by my volt meter. can anyone help me get my baby back on the road with some good info please?

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do you have a freeze frame you can look at? It may have the TPS readings on it at the time the code set.

if you have codes, clear them and see if they come back. watch the scanner when you start the engine. Watch you rpm's, and your IAC. what do they see happening? What does your TPS read?

Unmetered air is a big cause of high rpm's When your rpm's are high try covering the throttle body to reduce the air going through and see what happens.

is the throttle closing all the way? cable could be hanging up or even the throttle plate. Check the condition of your throttle plate.

look for wires that may have worn through places or even may be pinched.

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