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I bought a car from a small personal dealership or whatever you call it. After driving for maybe 80 miles, I was on my way home on the hwy going 60 mph when I noticed a burning smell in the car, then noticed smoke (the car was NOT running hot but on the dash it did say "check coolant level"). Started to prepare to get off next exit to go to gas station and as I was pulling off I noticed rpm's were all the way to 6 and even though my foot was on the gas the speedometer was slowly dropping, as wrapping corner of exit car lost all speed, pulled on side of road and the car wouldn't move at all. makes really loud noise as press on gas and will not move in any gear. Also noticed wet fluid on road where I had pulled off and wrapped corner of exit..there was also greasy substance ALL over passenger side of car. Friend came to help but doesn't know much about cars, went and bought coolant (red stuff) and put that in but it still wouldn't move in any gear. Ended up having to tow it.PLZ HELP

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I think you should have a repair shop look at your car. is there a shop that you go to for maintenance or repairs? you might want to look to see if your car has a transmission dip stick and check the tranny fluid level. If you have a transmission line that is leaking or broken you might have pumped the trans fluid out. That would cause smoke if the fluid sprayed on the exhaust system and account for the trans to stop working.

a shop should be able to put the car up in the air and check underneath to see where or what is leaking and proceed from there.

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I appreciate your reply. I called the place where car was bought and they said they would have their mechanics look at it but I would have to take it to Snellville Ga. So I did, and I'm waiting to see what happens from there. The guy that towed the car said he did some mechanic work but nothing to do with transmissions, but he had an idea that it's a leak on the transmission line or something. I will let you know.

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