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Hi--I apologize for posting this under Pontiac--I did not see a spot to ask questions about the CTS. If anyone can help, I would appreciate it.

I have a 2005 Cadillac CTS. Have never had trouble w/ oil levels--have it changed regularly. About 3 months ago, I took my car in for an oil change and last weekend, noticed the car wasn't running as usual. I checked the oil and it was almost completely empty. I put in 4 quarts and I am taking it for an oil change today.

When I called the dealership who had performed the oil change 3 months ago, they told me that it is "typical GM" for a vehicle to burn through oil this quickly. I've talked to several other GM dealerships, who said that in not true.

I've had the vehicle for 4 years and have never had the oil burn up before the next oil change.

Has anyone had any experience w/ a CTS burning through oil this quickly?

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Well, that all depends on how many miles it has been between oil changes.
Yes, these engines do burn oil. Up to about 1 quart every 1500 miles is considered normal. So checking oil level on a regular basis is needed, as with any vehicle.
The amount an engine burns also depends on your particular driving habits and driving conditions.
You may have a problem with valve guide seals or piston rings if the amount is excessive.

P.S. Hey Website administrator- We need a Cadillac Forum in here ! :D

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It is also possible that when they changed the oil the last time the rubber gasket didn't come off with the filter and when they spun the new filter on the old one was still there. This has cost people more that one engine on many different types of cars. Seeing as the excessive consumption occurred right after an oil change this is a distinct possibility. Remember the best mechanics don't change oil no matter where you get your car serviced.

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