low rpm car cuts off @ idle

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low rpm car cuts off @ idle

Unread post by Junnie » Sat Jun 05, 2021 11:39 am

I have a 1994 Olds Cutlass Supreme S 3.1 and back in Feb my cut was cutting off while making a slow turn, but started back up; took it to Firestone to check it.They checked stater, battery, alternator and they were ok, but they tried to replace a IAC and sensor, didn't work,they cleaned the throttle body, didn't work either. Took it back to them and this time they put it on a scanner and it needed a CRANKSHAFT SENSOR,so took it to another shop and they put one on,but it doing the samething , but worse.In short, they have put in another EGR, cleaned the fuel injectors a new alternator, which was running over 15volts, now I need something called a A/T CONTROL SOLENOID, but MEKINIE says they don't install this,but I had a transmission installed by them back in 2014 or15.I was told by the manager that ANY part they put in I don't have to pay for cause of the CRANKSHAFT SENSOR they put in.What should Firestone should have checked out 1st? And do a A/T CONTROL SOLENOID sound right?

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Re: low rpm car cuts off @ idle

Unread post by carriedi » Tue Jun 08, 2021 12:14 am

when firestone scanned it, why did they say it needed the crank sensor? Did they actually see it cut out? Did they just read the codes? Did they just guess? what was the reason they wanted to change it.

If there was a crank sensor code, or they saw the crank sensor drop out, it might not the sensor itself. It could be a break in the wiring to the sensor. Try graphing the crank sensor with the engine off. Wiggle the wire harness. See if the crank sensor reading changes. It is not uncommon for the wire harness to break 4 or 5 inches up from the sensor. buying a crank sensor connector with about 6 to 9 inches of wire for the pigtail usually exceeds the breakage area.

Yes, a trans solenoid could cause the engine to stall but it doesn't sound like a trans problem. But it is possible.

has anyone driven the car with a scanner on it so they could graph everything and see what happens when it starts to act up? when it acts up does the check engine light come on?

Is there any codes or multiple codes that are saved in the computer after the engine acts up?

because it acts up on turning makes it sound like something is either loose, broken or rubbed through. when the vehicle turns everything moves, twists or torques over. Pulling ground wires. flexing wire harnesses...

do more checking before you put more parts on

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