2004 Alero 2.2 lr

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Guest Liz

2004 Alero 2.2 lr

Unread post by Guest Liz » Thu Mar 18, 2021 5:41 pm

My 2004 Alero stopped going forward it only goes in reverse. There are no trouble codes coming up. Where do I start at figuring out why it will not go forward? I noticed a hesitation a few times before it actually stopped working. It shifts into gear just fine but will not go anywhere in any forward gears.

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Re: 2004 Alero 2.2 lr

Unread post by carriedi » Sat Mar 20, 2021 4:00 am

you say it shifts into gear, so from idle to in gear there is an rmp change that lets you know it went into gear? You feel the transmission engage when you shift into drive? If you rev the engine up a little while it's in drive do you feel the engine torque up under a load?

Trying to figure if the trans is slipping going forward or the trans is locked up going forward.

What are you using to find out there are no codes? What ever scanner you used, does it have data stream for the engine and the transmission? Or does it only read engine codes?

Have you checked your trans fluid level and condition? If it's too low, that could cause it to run out of fluid when you try to drive it. Check the level and if it's low bring it to the normal level. Make sure you don't over fill it though.

let me know what you find out

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