2001 olds aurora

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2001 olds aurora

Unread post by Todd » Sat Sep 26, 2020 2:08 pm

Have a 2001 olds aurora and my drivers window and passenger window do not roll down the main control switch works foe the back windows why not the front

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Re: 2001 olds aurora

Unread post by carriedi » Sun Sep 27, 2020 3:45 am

first, does the right front window work with the right front window switch? (not the drivers door switch) If the right front window switch makes the window go up and down then I would have the master switch looked at.

the drivers door master switch has a power (#9 orange wire) Ground (#8 black and white wire) and a serial communication wire (#10 tan and white wire). The master switch is a module. it doesn't have wires that go to each of the window motors like they used to. The master switch is a module and from there each window has their own module that turns on the window motors.

you might have to take your car to a shop that can scan the window system. they can see if the modules are talking to each other. If the scanner see that the master switch is sending a signal to each of the front window modules but they don't respond then you concentrate on the front window motors. Do the windows get power and ground but don't work or are they not getting power and ground.

If you get power and ground to the motors and they don't move then the motors are probably bad. If you don't get power out of the modules but the scanner says the master is sending out the signal then you probably have a bad module.

if it shows that there is no signal to move the front windows then it's probably a master switch.

it used to be that the master switch did all the work and was wired to all the window switches. That made it easy to check your self right at the master switch. Did the switch sen the power and grounds to move the windows? Boom, you're done. But, nowadays, every thing has a computer. Each door has a computer module in the door waiting to hear from the master switch. They all rely on the tan and white wire to communicate with the master switch.

If you want, you can take your door panels off and verify the power and ground to the window motors. Make sure that you keep your hands clear in case the windows move when you test it. Each motor has two wires. One blue and one brown. They switch back and forth from power and ground depending on which way the motor is to move. Use a test light or a VOM meter on volts DC. Ground the ground lead or the clip on the test light to ground somewhere. put the light or positive lead from the meter on the brown wire. press the down switch for just a second for the window you are checking. did the light light up or the volts show battery voltage? If not try pressing the switch up for s sec. Did it light or show voltage then?If no voltage either way the look at the communications area. If the light did light up or the meter showed battery voltage and the window didn't move the motor is probably bad. While you are in the door, try tapping on the motor. sometimes you can free up a motor and they will work for a while again. BUT, if they do start to work, they are bad. They will get stuck again. they need to be replaced. Roll the window up and don't use it until you can replace the motor. If you use it and it stops working again you will be stuck and hopefully it's not raining or snowing but it could be...

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