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1998 Oldsmobile 88 stahled out and now won't turn over
I was driving my 98 88 Oldsmobile that when driving, sputters alot. I stopped yesterday and put $10 gas in the car. When I left the gas station, I got to a red light about 500 ft. away. As I waited for the light to change green, the car stalled out and now won't turn over? The more I try to start it, the worse it seems to get. It's to the point now that it doesn't even want to try to turn over, it now is starting to just make a clicking sound. Don't know what the problem could be?
Re: 1998 Oldsmobile 88 stahled out and now won't turn over
what does "won't turn over" mean to you?

there may be two different things going on here. Or maybe not... the engine sputtering and the stalling may be one part. (or may be a couple of things there) and the second part would be the the no start.

when you say it won't turn over, that's the engine being turned by the starter right? When you put the key to the start position the starter is supposed to turn (rotate) the engine. So before you got to the part where it would just click, what was the starter doing? Was it turning the engine over very slowly? Not turning the engine over? Grinding???

One thing that could cause all of these things could be a battery going dead. Not enough voltage to run the computer at the correct voltage. That could cause the engine to sputter and eventually stall. And that could also account for the not wanting to start afterward. A battery going dead would usually mean that your charging system is probably not charging the battery.

I don't know where you are at with your vehicle now, I hope not still in the street, but have you checked the battery? Try charging or jumping the battery and see if that makes any difference.

anyways that would be one of the first things to check.
Re: 1998 Oldsmobile 88 stahled out and now won't turn over
my car had done the same thing as the previse fellow. car up and stopped running on me. i checked the battery its fine, checked the starter its fine, checked the icm its fine. starter wants to roll the engine over , its not making any grinding noise when turning the key. sounds as if the starter is engaging just nit rolling the engine over. could this be a crankshaft position sensor?
Re: 1998 Oldsmobile 88 stahled out and now won't turn over
Ok, tell me what happens when you go out to your car and put the key in to the start position. Do you always just get a click from the starter and nothing else?

Turn the headlights on and have someone try to start the car while you watch the headlights. Do the headlights go dim when they try to start it and then go back to bright when the release the key? If the headlights dim a lot then it means the starter circuit is drawing a lot of power away from the battery. That means that the engine is stuck or the starter is stuck. The click sound should be the starter solenoid pulling the plunger down in the solenoid to make the big connection to spin the starter.

If the headlights don't go dim while trying to start the engine, then the starter solenoid or battery connection should be suspect. The click is the starter solenoid pulling the plunger down but it is not connecting the two big contacts to spin the starter motor.

this is all about rotating the engine. this was just the things to look at if the engine is not rotating with the starter. As for why it stalled or why it is sputtering, that's another thing to look at. Once you get the engine to turn over you need to check for fuel pressure, injector pulse, spark and compression, Fuel pump, ignition module, crank sensor, fuel pressure regulator any number of things can cause it nit to start. Hooking up to a scanner and scan for codes and then look at the data stream would be the thing to do once you get the engine rotating.
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