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Running rich
My '93 Cutlass (3.1 port injected) runs very rich all the time. It blows black smoke and stopped up the cat converter which I removed. It starts easily every time. Sometimes the check engine is on, while at others it's not. MAP sensor, fuel pressure regulator and ox sensor have been replaced. Sometimes the engine will stall at up to 20 mph. I want to get it where it runs ok and then I will replace the cat. It always seems to run on all 6 cylinders and has normal power. At times it bucks on light throttle at speeds around 60 on level ground. Emissions testing is due in 2 months, so a solution is needed soon.
Re: Running rich
have you scanned to see what your coolant temp reads? if your coolant temp sensor is broken of not working your computer could be seeing -40 degrees so it's dumping fuel
Re: Running rich
The gauge in the dash shows about 200 degrees and seems to be working normally.
Re: Running rich
your gauge reads information from the temp sender. (has a single dark green wire to the sender) the computer read temp from the coolant sensor (should have a yellow wire and a black wire to the coolant sensor)
Re: Running rich
Thank you. I'll check the sensor.
Re: Running rich
If it does run rich, chk d ff:
spark plugs, clogged air filter, over advanced timing, high idle speed vacuum leaks, late oil drains, leaky fuel regulator, etc. Hope that helps. Try replacing the catcon
Re: Running rich
scanning the engine would give you information on what the O2 sensor, fuel trims and coolant temp are doing while it is running rich. See if the fuel trims are trying to take away fuel. See if the O2 sensor shows it's running rich. see if the coolant temp sensor is working.

what codes are stored?
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