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2002 Oldsmobile Shilhouette start issue
I have been having problems with my car starting but usually will go after a couple of tries but resets the clock. Tried taking it in to a repair shop but it wouldn't act up at there. Yesterday it wouldn't start at all. There was no clicking noise when I tried to start it. It was just silent almost seemed like a toy car. I haven't been able to start it since. The battery is fairly new about a year to year and half old and was tested when the problems first started. I was told it was still good. I have no idea what could be wrong other than it appears to be something with the battery connections since it was resetting the clock when it wouldn't start. Any ideas?
Re: 2002 Oldsmobile Shilhouette start issue
turn your headlights on. do they turn on brightly? (normal?) if the light seem normal then try to start the engine and what do the headlights do? do they go dim or do they stay the same, no difference?

you could have a bad starter solenoid, neutral safety switch, starter relay, ignition switch, PCM, fuses or wiring problems.

if there is no difference you should check your starter relay. switch it with another relay that is the same. if it starts right away then you probably have a bad relay. if it doesn't change anything you're going to need to check the circuits. make sure you are getting power from the #85 and #30 pins. see if you get a ground signal on pin #86. the starter solenoid is going to the #87 pin. (most relays have the numbers marked on the pin side by each pin) if you don't get the ground signal to close the relay you have to go through the PCM, PCM/CRANK fuse, ignition switch and the IGN MAIN 1 fuse. If you have no power on pin #85 you need to check PCM/ABS fuse and the neutral safety switch. If you have no power on the #30 pin check the fusible link that goes to the battery on that circuit.

If the clock resets you should look at your battery connections and body grounds because the clock lost either power or ground to reset. Or your battery is too run down.
Re: 2002 Oldsmobile Shilhouette start issue
When we went out to try the car and turn the lights on everything worked. Car started up fine and it sounded fine as it idled. We turned it off and a few hours later we tried again and it wouldn't do anything. No clicking and no sign of it starting. Lights didn't work at all, power locks didn't work. It was as if there was no power at all going to the van. When we went back out a couple of hours after that, it started up just fine again. When it started again the clock had reset but showed 1:07 not 12:00 so it is almost like it is losing power then coming back on.
Re: 2002 Oldsmobile Shilhouette start issue
ok, it sounds like you're going to have to do some testing with a voltage tester. of course when everything is working there will be no need to test anything but next time it doesn't start you're going to need to check to see if you have voltage at the battery cables and then check further down the power circuits.

when it won't start again you will need to start at the two battery cables to check for voltage. If it shows about 12.5 volts at the battery terminals check from the positive battery cable to the engine and to the body to see if you have a good ground at the motor and to the body. if they both show good grounds try starting the engine and see if you keep the good ground connections. it they stay good during cranking or show good but it doesn't crank then start checking the power side connections. Hook up to the ground side terminal of the battery and follow the power side for voltage. with you voltage meter hooked up to the negative or ground side of the battery use the positive probe from the meter and check for voltage at the fuse box.

no lights and no power door locks means you have a bad connection to battery voltage somewhere. you're going to have to trace it down to find out where you are loosing your connection.
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