Power steering hose/line assembly install

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Power steering hose/line assembly install

Unread post by Missy7790 » Thu Sep 25, 2014 2:04 pm

Does anyone have a diagram or information
On installing the power steering hose/line assembly
In the 1990 olds eighty eight royale?
Any info or help would would appreciated!
This is a brand new part I'm attempting to

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Re: Power steering hose/line assembly install

Unread post by carriedi » Thu Sep 25, 2014 5:58 pm

there are two lines for your power steering rack. a pressure line that goes from the pressure side of the pump to the rack. That one will have metal lines at the ends and carries pressure sometimes over 2000 psi. the other hose is the return line. It is mostly flow so not so much pressure.

Inspect the vehicle and pay attention how the hoses are wrapped in and around everything. you're going to want to make sure your replacement hose matches up exactly.Once you take a hose out place it next to the new hose and make sure every twist and turn matches up. It's a pretty tight fit for most cars and if the fitting at each end don't line perfectly they might not want to thread in correctly. Cross threading the threads in the rack or pump will mean you will probably have to buy a new one.there is not a lot of room to get your hands and tools down to break the rack side fittings loose. You may need to use a crowfoot and extension to get at the lines. (sometimes you don't have enough room to get a wrench on the fitting and have room to turn it) (you might even need a flare nut style crowfoot if it's really tight)

make sure you have at least a quart of replacement power steering fluid.
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