2001 Olds Aurora heater issue

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2001 Olds Aurora heater issue

Unread post by darkangel72 » Fri Mar 07, 2014 4:16 pm

I have a 2001 Olds Aurora 3.5. Earlier this winter when I turned the heater on it started making an awful humming sound. I automatically assumed it was the blower motor. So any way I put a new one in (what a pain that was). Well that didn't change anything. When it starts humming it's kind of a low hum, then it start like a chirping once in while. I noticed it does it more when its on a floor heat setting. When I switch it to defrost it'll stop for awhile, but eventually start doing it again. Could it possibly be a door in the duct work not closing off properly? Any input would help. I'm stumped and I don't want to tear the dash out if I don't have to. Thanks.

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Re: 2001 Olds Aurora heater issue

Unread post by carriedi » Sat Mar 08, 2014 12:13 pm

it's a little bit hard to try and diagnose noises without actually hearing them. If you thought it was coming from the blower motor did the noise change with the different speeds of the blower motor? as in, a higher speed the noise got louder or faster? does the noise change when it is in fresh air or recirculate? does changing the mode doors change the sound or change where it sounds like it's coming from?

When you changed the blower motor did you look to see if there was any debris that could have gotten into the plenum? I have had cars come in that have had leaves, pine needles and little twigs in the blower. But the worst things were dog food, a mouse had stored up the customers dog food in the blower fan, sounded like gravel when you turned the fan on, and a few times the actual mouse was in the fan. They died there and put the fan out of balance. Shook the whole dash when the fan came on.

you could also have things that have dropped down the defroster vent that will get stuck in the door to the defroster. I have also had cars that the recirculate door is right behind the glove box and an over stuffed glove box overflowed stuff that was sucked into the duct or blocked the vent.

so, does the noise come on with the fan on low? does it change with the fan speed? does it change when you change the blend door, mode door or recirculate door? Where does the noise sound like it is coming from? can you feel it when you put your hand on the plenum? can you reach the door actuators and see if they feel like the noise is coming from one of them?
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