Oldsmobile Intrigue transmission TCC stuck on

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Oldsmobile Intrigue transmission TCC stuck on

Unread post by jtworley82 » Sat Jun 05, 2010 10:22 am

I have a 1998 oldsmobile intrigue 3.8l and the transmission has a trouble code - torque converter clutch solenoid stuck on. I need to either replace the solenoid or clip the wire on the connector that has the control signal to the solenoid. I decided to replace the solenoid, which requires dropping the trannny, so I started taking it apart. One of the bolts holding the tranny to the engine is impossible to reach without pulling the entire engine out of the car. I have been trying to reach that bolt for a month and a half. I have bought every tool known to man, and the bolt is just not reachable, without pulling the engine, and pulling the exhaust manifold. I bought an alldata subscription, and the bolt is bolt #6 in the procedure, and it just says "take it out" like it is no problem, it is the lower transmission bolt on the rear facing side, and all the other bolts go through the transmission, and thread into the engine. This one goes from the engine side and threads into the tranny. I contacted alldata tech support, and they just gave me my money back instead of dealing with a procedure that wont work as far as I am concerned because the bolt is impossible to reach. I have worked on cars all my life, done everything, I am not some idiot working over my head. I am at my wits end. I will pay money for anybody that can tell me how to remove that bolt without pulling the engine, or can tell me the wire to clip on the connector to disable that solenoid, and I will drive it without the torque converter clutch and I know it will reduce my gas mileage, but at least the car will be usable.

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Re: olds intrigue transmission stumped

Unread post by butchkaz » Sun Jun 06, 2010 10:46 am

I assume you have code P0742.
OK. Well, first off, to get that bolt, the support bracket on the final drive end (rt. side) of the trans needs to come off after popping out the axle. It is the bracket that bolts the end of the trans to the engine- from the right weel well. Then use a long extension throught the weel well, with a universal socket. You will not be able to see the bolt to good, so have to kind of move the extension around untill you get the socket to and on the bolt.

2 nd.-You do not need to remove the whole trans to replace the TCC solenoid. You can get it by removing the left side trans. cover. This involves lowering the entire tran / engine assembly on the left side. This involves removing the trans mount, large bracket, control arm, axle, control arm, left frame bolts, and then loweing the entire assembly out oif the car far enough to get the cover off. The engine / trans must have support fixtures on top.

3rd.- A wire to cut at the trans. connector would be the BROWN wire, terminal "T".
See this link for transmission schematic
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william 34610

Re: olds intrigue transmission stumped

Unread post by william 34610 » Sat Nov 06, 2010 1:40 pm

i have a 1998 olds had to take the bolt out your talking about, jack up car , remove tire, get a 4 foot x 1/2 exstention , slide extention threw rubber door in wheel well,
you have to send extention all the way threw , you will turn it when your sitting buy the wheel well,

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