no crank no start

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no crank no start

Unread post by paige » Wed Jul 11, 2018 3:12 pm

I have a Chrysler Town and Country 2004 the battery died we tried to jump it it wouldn't start so we put a new battery then we put in a new starter we put in a new relay switch and it still won't start it just clicks can you help us figure out the problem

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Re: no crank no start

Unread post by carriedi » Thu Jul 12, 2018 6:56 pm

ok, 04 t&c no start, no crank. Click only.

Shouldn't be too bad. I always say that and then get buried in weird stuff...

power from the ignition switch to pin# 86 on the starter relay. Grounds through the starter relay control in the integrated power control module pin# 85 on the relay.

relay clicks and them power from fuse# 9 (40A) to pin # 30 on the starter relay connects to pin# 87 and goes out to the starter solenoid on a yellow and gray wire.

Verify that the wire to the starter solenoid is powering up with battery voltage when the key is in the start position. If you have battery voltage and you can hear and maybe feel the solenoid clicking then go to the second part of the starting system.

The big battery cable that goes from the battery to the starter. Make sure you have good clean connections at both ends of that cable. The power to spin the starter comes from this cable.

if those two circuits are both good then you should be drawing a lot of current through the battery cable to the starter. If you turn the headlights on and crank the engine (put the key to the start position) it should dim the headlights. If it doesn't then you are not drawing a lot of power from the battery. If the headlights do dim a lot then you are drawing a lot of current. If the engine is not rotating then see if you can rotate the engine by hand.

Key off and trans in park. Key out of the ignition. (to make sure you don't have it so the engine can start if you get the engine to rotate. Use a socket and a breaker bar or long ratchet and see if you can rotate the engine by hand. If the engine won't turn then you have to remove the spark plugs and try to rotate it by hand again. Looking for a frozen engine of an engine in a hydrostatic lock condition. Rare bet it can happen.

but more likely an electrical problem with too much resistance in a circuit somewhere. you just have to find out what circuit and where...
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