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After rebuild, engine starts and runs like a top. Problem is, it didn't want to stop running. I could turn the switch to "OFF" and even remove the key and engine was still running. Got it to stop by putting key back into ignition, putting the transmission into R and turning the key to OFF. But, check engine lite stayed illuminated. Next morning, no crank and no start. A jump start got it running again. Engine started to operate as normal, and check engine light went out, but the other morning, again, no start. But again, a jump start worked. Since then, at work or at home for the evening, I remove the ground cable from the battery and it will start when reconnected. So, is it the ignition switch? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

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yes, it sounds like you have a problem where the ignition switch is not turning all the way off. you're going to have to find out if the switch is bad or the lock and tumbler is damaged.

does the key feel normal when you turn it on and off? you know, like do you feel the click for each normal detent position?

what is the year, make and model of your vehicle?

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This is the same 2005 trailblazer as the No Crank problem truck. I will this evening check on the detents of the switch and of the tumblers and report. thanks for your thoughts, already.

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