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Not sure if anyone heard of this. First, the wife got home from a 150 mile trip and told me the AC quit. I go out to trouble shoot by checking all fuses and then shorting the low pressure switch. Compressor still would not come on. I knew I had a EVAP vent control problem from a previous check of DTCs. Since I was going to go buy a book for the trailblazer, I decided to refresh my memory of the DTC codes. I received P0449 and P0116. Since I was going to download the INNOVA to the computer, I went ahead and clear all DTCs. The AC started working. So, I guess the ECT sent a single to help the engine from over heating by shutting off the compressor. Anyways, today I bought the ECT sensor and the EVAP control valve.
I was just wondering if anyone has had a similar issue? I am hoping the control valve will stop the 449. I remember that once before I had another code with the 449 and it reference the MAP sensor, I am not getting another code to point to the MAP.

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P0449 is not for the MAP sensor, it is a problem in the EVAP control vent solenoid circuit. Most likely the vent solenoid in the rear of the truck is bad. Although i have had a few Trailblazers with a broken wire in a wiring harness under the hood on the drivers side.

To be sure, you would need to test for power and ground at the vent solenoid. If you have both, the part is bad.

Yes, the ECT sensor code will disable the A/C compressor.

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