2005 engine / smoke rplacement?

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2005 engine / smoke rplacement?

Unread post by ral » Tue Oct 09, 2018 7:58 pm

new here- thanks
read some of the other posts and learned some things
MY Question 2005 Suburban LT 228,000 miles Does any one have an idea on what the compression numbers for that age engine might be..... Problem if truck has sat 30 mins to an hr on startup large cloud of white exhaust--- to me that would indicate something settling in the cyln. one mechanic said it could be a couple of things rings - valve seals/seats? took it to largest Chev dealer in the area pd $109. to have it looked at. three hrs later the service writer called to say come get it-- st thing he says is you are not going to be happy with this conversation--- we recommend you replace the engine.... he is a nice guy and knew I wouldn't be doing it at the dealership-- when he told me their price he said I'm sure you may know some guys around town that could do it for you. Even at what my regular mechanic said he would charge for a used engine let alone a reman... its alot of bucks--- any comments or ideas?? I'd love to hear them all Thanks


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Re: 2005 engine / smoke rplacement?

Unread post by carriedi » Tue Oct 09, 2018 11:54 pm

you need to verify the smoke is white. White smoke is water.

rings, valve guides, stuff like that where you are burning oil should be blue smoke.

How does the engine run? When you first start it up in the morning after sitting all night long how does the engine run? Does it feel like it's missing but it clears up after running for a while? that could be a sign of coolant leaking into a cylinder. the coolant in the cylinder will cause a misfire but as the engine warms up and burns off the miss will go away and it will run normally.

If you're burning oil, check the spark plugs and see if any of the spark plugs are oil fouled.

replacing the engine in any vehicle is going to be a bunch of dollars. 2005, you're talking about the value of the total vehicle vs putting an engine in it. If it runs good and the only exception is the smoke issue, what about letting it smoke? Or is the smoke cloud smoking up the who;e neighborhood?

What does it cost to buy a comparable truck that is running good and no smoke? would it be better to sell off this truck and invest the money into a better truck? You have to figure the price of a motor replacement vs what you can sell or trade in your truck for plus the motor replacement. let's say the engine replacement is $1500 labor and whatever for the motor $4500 (used or rebuilt, just a round about number) so somewhere around $6000. you could buy two similar trucks for that money.

try to verify what the problem with your truck is first. then decide if it is worth investing your money into it or selling it and buying something better.
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