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Purchased a used camper and was pulling it home from town 2hrs from where I live. Lost lights on the way home, pulled over to check fuses blown my ign fuse in the fuse box under the hood. Check wires in steering column, nothing. Tried to jump starter didn't have enough juice. Stuck in bfe for 3 hrs so called a cab went to wally world because it was midnigh. Bought a battery installed it and it fired right up. Now I was short on fuses so I left a 20 amp in my 15 amp ign that kept blowing. Next day leaving a store go to crank it up nothing. .... tapped on starter fired right up. ... got home nothing ever since tested starter fine...power to the ign fuse, further investigation found a burnt plug on my transmission neutral safety switch. Ordered one from a local parts store for 180 bucks. .. get it and it's only a7 wire. ...mine a12 place would exchange since it was a dealer order bs.... so I decided to make the older clip work done the 7 wire plug didn't have the lil clips on the inside to add more wires to it. Starting pulling wire and noticed my red wire was melted and had melt wired a good 12 inches before the plug. Took plug apart and rewired the pins I could and use the one out of the new one as well. Metered all the wires make sure I put the right wires in the right pin slots. While installing the clips I noticed there were more melted wires further back so I checked and rewired any wires that looked problematic. Buttoned it all back up worked great for 1/2 day then same thing now Ive pulled the relay (which is good) and use a wire to basically bypass the switch. Is there a way to test the neutral safety switch in this situation? Now I turn the key on pop the hood jump the switch truck starts great however the gear indicator doesn't show when it's in park and will appear once truck is in motion. Are the odds are there are more burnt wiring that's causing this or could it be the switch? Any help would be greatly appreciated

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2005 chevy silverado 2500hd 6.0 gas 4x4

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which IGN fuse did you blow?

TBC IGN 1 = 10A
IGN E = 10A
IGN B = 40A

I'm thinking IGN E. It does pink power wires to the neutral safety switch, the instrument cluster, AC clutch relay and the turn/multifunction switch. Rather than putting a bigger fuse you need to find where the excessive draw is coming from. Bumping the fuse up means more amps available to burn more things up that are already going bad somewhere. See about getting a new pigtail connector for the neutral safety switch.

Tapping on the starter and the starter working is a sign that the starter is going out. It will be fine for a while but it will happen again and it will happen more often until one day it won't start. Maybe yours is the norm but that's what usually happens.

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